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Miss Homemade Recipes from Scratch

Chicken Cannelloni Recipe | MissHomemade.com

This easy chicken cannelloni recipe will be used often. The filling also has spinach, creamy parmesan bechamel and the tomato sauce is fantastic. #misshomemade

Chicken Cannelloni Recipe

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Walking Omelets | Egg Cup Recipe | MissHomemade.com

Walking Omelets - This egg cup recipe is a life saver when you have hungry kids, don't know what to make that is easy and fast. #misshomemade

Egg Cup Recipe

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Old Fashioned Chicken and Dumplings | MissHomemade.com

My homemade chicken and dumplings from scratch are amazing. Rich chicken flavor and a breeze to make. #misshomemade

Homemade Chicken and Dumplings  Recipe

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Hamburger Steak Recipe | MissHomemade.com

Keep this hamburger steak recipe, it is a keeper. Juicy results with a delicious beef mushroom gravy that is divine over mashed potatoes. #misshomemade

Hamburger Steak Recipe

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Pizza Toast Recipe | MissHomemade.com

This pizza toast is a cinch to make and tastes just like a slice of the good stuff. Line up your favorite toppings and broil for a few minutes to get everything bubbly. #misshomemade

Pizza Toast with Marinara Sauce

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Southern Fried Cabbage Recipe | MissHomemade.com

I love this Southern fried cabbage. Using ham or bacon takes this buttery comfort food dish over the top. Many variations to explore. #misshomemade

Southern Fried Cabbage Recipes

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Baked Chop Suey Recipe | MissHomemade.com

I love this baked chop suey recipe. I bring out a pound of hamburger and in no time I have a delicious and easy meal on the table. Comfort food at it's best. #misshomemade

Ground Beef Chop Suey Recipe

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Hot Dog Spaghetti - Sheldon Cooper Style | MissHomemade.com

This hot dog spaghetti was Sheldon Coopers favorite on the show The Big Bang Theory. Now that the kids are home from school, how about whipping up a batch tonight? #misshomemade

Hot Dog Spaghetti Recipe

Continue reading "Hot Dog Spaghetti - Sheldon Cooper Style | MissHomemade.com"

Easy Goulash Recipe | MissHomemade.com

This easy goulash recipe uses ground beef, macaroni, tomatoes and seasoned to perfection.

Excellent with a peanut butter sandwich, grilled cheese, crunchy salad or warm buttered bread. #misshomemade

Easy Goulash Recipe

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Best Spaghetti Meat Sauce Recipe | MissHomemade.com

This easy spaghetti meat sauce recipe is a keeper. Authentic flavor slow simmered perfection that will have you getting rave reviews every time. #misshomemade

Best Spaghetti Meat Sauce Recipe

Continue reading "Best Spaghetti Meat Sauce Recipe | MissHomemade.com"

Homemade Cleaning Recipes for Everything | MissHomemade.com

Cleaning is not my favorite activity, but here's the bright side; you can save money doing it yourself. Learn how to clean and disinfect everything. #misshomemade

Homemade Cleaning Recipes

Continue reading "Homemade Cleaning Recipes for Everything | MissHomemade.com"

Old Fashioned Donut Recipes | MissHomemade.com

I have recipes for glazed donuts, yeast donuts, cake donuts, powdered donuts; exactly like Grandma used to make. Get them while they're hot. #misshomemade

Easy Old Fashioned Donut Recipes

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Lemon Layer Cake Recipe | MissHomemade.com

This is homemade lemon cake is a beauty. I also include my homemade lemon butter cream frosting (and lemon cream cheese frosting) that makes this moist cake even better. #misshomemade

Best Lemon Cake from Scratch

Continue reading "Lemon Layer Cake Recipe | MissHomemade.com"

Best Chicken Quiche | MissHomemade.com

OMG is what you will hear serving this chicken quiche. Cheesy and rich, you will be asked to make it often. Check out the recipe variations. #misshomemade

Best Chicken Quiche

Continue reading "Best Chicken Quiche | MissHomemade.com"

Authentic Norwegian Meatballs Recipe | MissHomemade.com

These authentic Norwegian Meatball recipes are keepers. First one has 2 variations, a cream sauce or beef gravy. The next recipe Kjott Boller features a burgundy wine sauce. #misshomemade

Best Norwegian Meatballs Recipe

Continue reading "Authentic Norwegian Meatballs Recipe | MissHomemade.com"

Easy Chicken Carbonara Recipe | MissHomemade.com

I love Italian food, and this is the best homemade chicken carbonara recipe I have, and one of my favorites.#misshomemade

Best Chicken Carbonara Recipe

Continue reading "Easy Chicken Carbonara Recipe | MissHomemade.com"

Easy Pizza Sauce Recipe | MissHomemade.com

The best pizza sauce recipe. Actually, there are more than one. Simmering to perfection and perfectly seasoned, you can use this sauce for homemade ravioli too. #misshomemade

Easy Pizza Sauce from Scratch

Continue reading "Easy Pizza Sauce Recipe | MissHomemade.com"

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert for a Crowd | MissHomemade.com

This is the best strawberry pretzel salad recipe that produces a creamy, luscious and decadent dessert. I love it not only during the summer months, but any month. #misshomemade

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Salad

Continue reading "Strawberry Pretzel Dessert for a Crowd | MissHomemade.com"

Best 7 Layer Salad Recipe | MissHomemade.com

This is the best 7 layer salad recipe. Keep it where you will find it easily when the craving hits. #misshomemade

Best 7 Layer Salad Recipe

Continue reading "Best 7 Layer Salad Recipe | MissHomemade.com"

Mississippi Roast Chicken | MissHomemade.com

What is wonderful about this recipe is you can make it with a beef roast, pork roast or even cut up chicken pieces. How wonderful is that? And all of them make beautiful sandwiches. #misshomemade

Mississippi Chicken Sandwich

Continue reading "Mississippi Roast Chicken | MissHomemade.com"

Cowboy Potatoes | MissHomemade.com

You've heard of Hash Brown Casserole, right? It's good isn't it? These are better. #misshomemade

Cowboy Potatoes Recipe

Continue reading "Cowboy Potatoes | MissHomemade.com"

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