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The only from scratch recipe website of its kind. Below you find just a taste of what I offer. Discover what real food tastes like.

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BEST French Vanilla Cake from Scratch

This homemade vanilla cake recipe from scratch is the one. Incredibly moist and tender, the taste is perfect - pure vanilla.

The Best French Vanilla Cake from Scratch

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Homemade Coconut Cake from Scratch

It's a perfect cake to have in your dessert rotation. More homemade cake recipes offered and more "OMGs" heard. Don't forget to follow me at the end of the page...

Homemade Coconut Cake Recipe From Scratch

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Impress with Fondue (You don't have to tell them how easy it was to make)

Offering several fondue recipes:

* Crab and Cheese Fondue
* Swiss and White Wine Fondue

**Fondue Broth for steak, chicken, shrimp

**Four Fondue Sauce Recipes

Many Dessert Fondue Recipes:

Dunk cubes of cake, fruit and cookies for starters

How does Chocolate Irish Cream, White Chocolate and Caramel sound? There is more where that came from...

Easy Cheese Fondue Recipes

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Christmas Cocktails Everyone will Love

Not only are these brandy drinks delicious, but you can substitute your favorites: whiskey and bourbon works very well too!

Nothing fancy, all you need is a blender for the boozy ice cream drink or an empty ice cream bucket for the slush.

Best Brandy Slush Recipe

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BEST No Bake Cheesecake Recipe

Not only is this an easy no bake cheesecake recipe, it's the best.

I don't know how this cheesecake turns out so creamy - like silk in your mouth, but it does. It's rich and velvety too.

Try it yourself - it's heaven on a fork...

Best No Bake Cheesecake Recipe

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The BEST Banana Cake Recipe on the Internet

Let my readers tell you how great it is:

"Just made this cake for the first time today. It was the best thing I ever baked. What a treat. This is a keeper. Thank you for sharing."

"I am not a fan of banana cake but my family is. I've been using a recipe that I got years ago from my mother in law and everyone has really loved it. But decided to try this one as it was interesting. IT WAS DELICIOUS, everyone loved it, and I liked it too. Throwing out old one and will use this one from now on."

Moist Banana Cake Recipe From Scratch

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The 7 Layer Salad You Need to Make Now

I love this salad. Not only is it creamy, crunchy, sweet and salty at the same time, it's easy to make. The hardest part is waiting for it to chill.

7 Layer Salad Recipe

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Homemade Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe

Love the combination of creamy potatoes and cheese? This recipe is a rock star in my house and is such an easy side dish to serve with just about anything.

Ham, turkey, steak or chicken, these babies are true "rock stars" (at least that's what I am told).

Homemade Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe

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The Best Homemade Stuffing Recipes

Holiday time or not, these homemade stuffing recipes (or is it homemade dressing recipes?) are easy to prepare and delicious and vary according to your taste buds.

USE FRESH HERBS. I cannot stress that enough. These will soon become a family tradition after your family tastes these. Honest. Add your own touches and make it yours.

Best Homemade Stuffing Recipes

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Gooey Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This recipe for pineapple upside down cake is my favorite. It produces moist, tender cake with a rich gooey pineapple topping that is out of this world. Gotta fork? Dig in!

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

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Old Fashioned Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

You must try this old fashioned scalloped potatoes recipe. Why? These potatoes are the perfect match for that ham in the oven. You may also add ham to this dish to make it more of a hearty meal. Serve with a fresh salad and homemade bread.

Creamy, and perfectly seasoned, these babies are wonderful with a steak, chicken or beef.

Best Scalloped Potato Recipe from Scratch

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Turkey Brine Recipes

Looking for the best turkey brine recipes? If you want a flavorful and moist turkey, a homemade brine is something you should use.

I also offer turkey marinades and rubs that are wonderful.

div style=

Continue reading "Turkey Brine Recipes"

How to Bake a Turkey Perfect Every Time

Roasting Turkey 101

Do you want to learn how to bake a turkey and have it turn out moist and delicious? Of course you do.

Thanksgiving or not, learning how to roast a moist turkey the proper way will impress your family and you may start a new family tradition.

*You will learn how to buy the perfect turkey for your get together.

*How to defrost the bird quickly.

*How to bake 1/2 of a turkey so it's moist and delicious.

*The perfect roasting times and temperatures for stuffed/un-stuffed turkey.

My marinade produces the JUICIEST and most flavorful bird!

div style=

Continue reading "How to Bake a Turkey Perfect Every Time"

Glazed Lemon Bread Recipe from Scratch | MissHomemade.com

This is the best homemade lemon bread recipe. Including cranberry bread, peach bread

Continue reading "Glazed Lemon Bread Recipe from Scratch | MissHomemade.com"

Acorn Squash: Baking it Whole

I love acorn squash; especially with meatloaf. I dread cutting them in half because you can easily cut yourself and I really like my fingers.

Offering an easy method to bake squash whole. Now you can roast squash anytime you want.

Baking Acorn Squash Whole in the Oven

Continue reading "Acorn Squash: Baking it Whole"

Moist German Chocolate Cake from Scratch

My homemade German chocolate cake recipe produces a extremely moist layered chocolate cake filled and topped with a coconut pecan frosting.

I love it cold, but you can serve it at room temperature too. It's like heaven on a fork.

Homemade German Chocolate Cake from Scratch

Continue reading "Moist German Chocolate Cake from Scratch"

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce from Scratch

This homemade sauce recipe from scratch is so easy to make and delicious. I really love the taste of fresh sauce, there is no comparison to canned (or bottled for that reason).

I also recommend serving some garlic cheese bread and a fresh salad with homemade Italian salad dressing. A wonderful meal for family and friends alike.

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Continue reading "Homemade Spaghetti Sauce from Scratch"

Juicy Burger Recipes

No wonder America has an ongoing love affair with the hamburger. Who doesn't love sinking their teeth into a thick, juicy burger, hot off the grill? Here's how to make yours the best of all -- how to grill your burgers to absolute perfection.

Try my old fashioned burger seasoning; it's fantastic!

This homemade spaghetti sauce recipe from scratch is so easy to make and delicious. I really love the taste of fresh sauce, there is no comparison to canned (or bottled for that reason).

I also recommend serving some garlic cheese bread and a fresh salad with homemade Italian salad dressing. A wonderful meal for family and friends alike.

Juicy Burger Recipes

Continue reading "Juicy Burger Recipes"

Strawberry Pie Filling From Scratch

You will find this strawberry pie filling recipe from scratch as your favorite recipe when strawberries are in season.

Makes homemade strawberry filling taste so fresh that you will never buy canned strawberry filling again.

Garnish the edges of the pie with fresh berries and you have a gorgeous presentation. All it needs is whipped cream.

Easy Strawberry Pie Filling from Scratch

Continue reading "Strawberry Pie Filling From Scratch "

Best Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe from Scratch | MissHomemade.com

This homemade chocolate bundt cake recipe from scratch is outstanding. It produces a decadent moist and tasty cake - everytime. More cake recipes from scratch that

Continue reading "Best Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe from Scratch | MissHomemade.com"

Manwich Sloppy Joes from Scratch

I really do like Manwich, but was not thrilled with the ingredient list. You will find delicious and quick barbecue sandwich recipes that are tasty and ready in no time.

Easy Sloppy Joe Recipe

Continue reading "Manwich Sloppy Joes from Scratch"

Homemade Hamburger Helper from Scratch

Do your kids love Hamburger Helper but you don't like the ingredients? Let me help you out.

These homemade hamburger helper recipes from scratch are made out of wholesome ingredients without the chemicals and preservatives the boxed kind has. It's a breeze to make and you will have dinner ready in no time.

I have 10 recipes from scratch and I'm sure one of them is your families favorite.

Homemade Hamburger Helper

Continue reading "Homemade Hamburger Helper from Scratch"

Moist Lemon Cake Recipe

This homemade lemon cake is a beauty. I also include my homemade lemon butter cream frosting (and lemon cream cheese frosting) that makes this moist cake even better. Heaven on a fork. More cake recipes offered too. Let's get baking...

Moist Lemon Cake Recipe

Continue reading "Moist Lemon Cake Recipe"

Homemade Soup Recipes from Scratch

I love it when fall is in the air because this marks the beginning of soup season for me. My easy homemade soup recipes from scratch are easy to prepare, and will produce beautiful results with a minimal amount of effort on your part. If you have a crock pot, it works great with my chicken and dumpling soup.

A hot bowl of soup has to be one of the most inviting meals on a cold day, and serving it with a loaf of warm fresh bread – you just may come down with soup nirvana - a wonderful illness. So grab a cup of coffee and find your family's next favorite soup.

The Best Chili from Scratch

Continue reading "Homemade Soup Recipes from Scratch"

Easy Mexican Cheesecake

This Sopapilla cheesecake only lasts a few hours – honestly see for yourself, it will become your new go-to recipe for desserts to take…

Easy Mexican Cheesecake Recipe

Continue reading "Easy Mexican Cheesecake"

Juicy Thanksgiving Burger

Not just for Thanksgiving leftovers, make it anytime you have a hankering for Thanksgiving fixings…

Juicy Thanksgiving Burger

Continue reading "Juicy Thanksgiving Burger"

How to Make Onion Powder

So easy to do and makes a good dish even better. You know what goes into it and the processed stuff you get at the store has been sitting for months...

How to Make Onion Powder from Scratch

Continue reading "How to Make Onion Powder"

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