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Dessert Nachos | MissHomemade.com

Dessert Nachos - My sweet crunchy snacks hit the cravings you may have for something sweet and salty. Love at first bite. Use for popcorn, tortilla chips and more.

I love caramel (especially salted caramel), so I decided I would have to have a crunchy caramel snack that is easy to make and tastes as rich as caramels. I used it on tortilla chips as shown - with a delicious dessert dip.#misshomemade

Sweet Crunchy Snacks

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Doritos Seasoning | MissHomemade.com

Make your own Doritos, BBQ flavored chips and Chips with a kick. Try the seasonings on tortilla chips, popcorn or season your chicken/burgers on the grill... #misshomemade | Thousands of recipes on MissHomemade.com

Doritos Spice Mix Recipe

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Best Iced Coffee Recipe | MissHomemade.com

I have the best iced coffee recipe and it is so easy to make! You control the strength and sweetness to make your own personal brew.

Think about all the money you will save...

Best Iced Coffee Recipe

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Juicy Deep Fried Turkey Ideas and Recipe | MissHomemade.com

How to deep fry turkey - made simple. If you've never tasted a deep fried turkey, you are in for a real treat. Succulent and juicy, the results are spectacular!

I use a Cajun method that produces sensationally juicy meat and crispy skin along with several deep fried injection recipes that deliver.

How to Deep Fry Turkey

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Easy Quiche Recipes | Seafood Quiche | MissHomemade.com

I was looking forward to sharing my easy quiche recipes. My favorite is the seafood quiche - so rich and cheesy. Its a cinch to make and bakes up beautifully.

Seafood Quiche Recipe

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Best Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Recipe | Cobbler Recipe | MissHomemade.com

My best strawberry rhubarb pie recipe is amazing. It's tart, it's sweet, it's amazing.

I've also included my strawberry rhubarb crisp recipe that is a delight with homemade vanilla ice cream. Check them out now! #misshomemade

Best Strawberry Rhubarb Pie  Recipe

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Best Morel Recipes | MissHomemade.com

There is nothing as good as fried morel mushrooms. So rich - I wish they were available year round.

Pan Fried Morels, Steak in Morel Sauce and steps to dry or freeze them for later... #misshomemade | Thousands of recipes at MissHomemade.com

Best Morel Recipes

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Best Fish Recipes | MissHomemade.com

I know fishing season opens here in Wisconsin in a few days, so I decided to post my best fish recipes - stock-full of ideas including hushpuppy and slaw recipes too.

Game fish recipes for walleye, crappie, bluegill, trout, catfish and more. #misshomemade | Thousands of recipes at MissHomemade.com

Best Fish Recipes

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Delicious Garlic Mayonnaise | Avocado Mayonnaise Recipes | MissHomemade.com

These delicious homemade mayonnaise recipes really add a yummy twist to dips, sandwiches, salads and deviled eggs. So fresh tasting and so easy to make. #misshomemade | Thousands of recipes at MissHomemade.com

Best Aioli Recipe

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Homemade Hummingbird Nectar Recipe | MissHomemade.com

Making nectar is simple and so rewarding. Help them out by making your own homemade hummingbird food (no chemicals or preservatives) and enjoy. #misshomemade | Thousands of recipes at MissHomemade.com

Healthy Homemade Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

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Cabbage Soup Diet Plan | How I Lost 17 lbs Seven Days | MissHomemade.com

Summer is coming - Do You Have Some Weight You Want to Lose?

The 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Plan helped me lose 17 lbs in seven days and actually it wasn't bad at all. I changed the recipe and it made all the difference in the world.

This cleansing soup also flushes out years of crap/toxins that accumulates and is stored in your fat because it is full of fiber. It will make you feel so much better with more energy to boot.

If you want to lose some weight for the summer months, a wedding or improve your health give this a try and please comment at the end of the page with questions. This works perfectly for those who cannot stay on a weight loss program for a long period of time (like me).

7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

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