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 "The only online cooking source where everything is made from from scratch 
- even the ingredients."

Personal Message

Raschell caught the cooking bug at age 7 and has never looked back. Nicknamed "Miss Homemade," she has created and collected recipes for over 4 decades.

Learn how to easily be self-sufficient and acquire healthy cooking recipes that provide a base recipe; can be personalized to suite your taste. Everything is made from scratch; even the ingredients are homemade. Discover what real food tastes like today.

Raschell Celleste  #misshomemade | Thousands of recipes at MissHomemade.comRaschell Celleste


First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Raschell and I am the person behind Miss Homemade.  I am a recipe creator and developer, cookbook author and have posted 5000+ homemade recipes here on MissHomemade.com since March 2009. 

My ingredients have recipes too. I try not to use any commercial ingredients; I make my own from scratch. This makes my food taste out of this world, and I save money too.

I want to congratulate you for your decision to cook using natural ingredients in your recipes. You are about to discover a brand new way to cook food. All natural never tasted so good.

I like to find a recipe, and develop different variations, using my own personal seasonings, homemade pantry items and condiments. Then I combine the best of the best to create my own interpretation of the dish.

Living in the gorgeous state of Wisconsin has enabled my cooking greatly. Growing organic fresh fruit and vegetables that taste great and are good for you is something I easily incorporate in my recipes; and you should too.

How do I know that you can cook like this? Because I did. I did not attend a culinary school or even take a on-line class (when I was learning, the internet wasn't that big then!).

I watched and wrote down every step I could until I memorized it. It came naturally to me, and before you know it I could tell if I liked something by the ingredients - I was about 12 then.

So in short, I know you can do it and you will enjoy every step of the way. For those of you that are excellent cooks - it's always fun to try new recipes and add them to your favorite collection.

Bless you for showing how much you love your family by preparing home-cooked meals; so many don't.

The children from the families that lived on frozen and fast food now teach this to their children and the cycle is never broken.

Start today (or continue) to build a great family tradition that not only tastes better, but is so much healthier.

This simple gift you teach them will be taught to your children's children, and then on to their great-great grandchildren, and future generations from now.

Remember, sharing a home cooked meal is a celebration of food, family and friends. Come to the table folks - it's time to eat.

Here's to Good Food and a Great Life,

Raschell (Chellie Rule)

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