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Mexican Food Recipes

These are wonderful traditional Mexican food recipes.

I love how simple it is to prepare these dishes, and the food tastes fresh and fantastic.

Best Mexican Food Recipes from Scratch

Your family will love these authentic recipes from Mexico.  They are simply delicious.

For the following Mexican food recipe, I use Mexican cheese and if you do not have access to it, please substitute Mexican-style cheese, Monterrey Jack or Co-Jack cheese.


10 large homemade flour tortillas
2-1/2 cups queso fresco or blanco Mexican cheese
3 ounce can green chilies (optional)

Sprinkle 1/4 cup of cheese on half of the tortilla and then 1 tablespoon of green chilies. Sprinkle a little more cheese on top so the chilies do not fall out.

Fold it in half and butter the tortilla. Place in a non-stick skillet and brown on both sides like you would a grilled cheese. Make sure the cheese is melted.  Cut in half and serve with fresh salsa.

These traditional Mexican recipes product authentic Mexican fare.

The best chicken enchiladas, homemade tortillas, pico and salsa.  Including easy Mexican dessert recipes.

Following are wonderful traditional Mexican recipes. My fresh authentic guacamole recipe is awesome, but I want to give you a few pointers so it turns out great every time.

Secret #1 – Buy high quality Haas avocados. When choosing your avocados choose ones that are blemish free and have a slight give when squeezed lightly.

Secret #2 – ONLY USE FRESH INGREDIENTS. Seriously, do not put in canned tomatoes, fake lemon juice, dried cilantro or garlic powder; it ruins it. Some use lemon and some use lime in their guacamole, just use what you like – but make sure it’s fresh.

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