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Homemade Chocolate Sauce Recipes

This homemade chocolate sauce is rich and creamy. It is easy to make and you can spoon it over ice cream, cheesecake, desserts and anything else you can think of (your finger) …

There is nothing like this easy chocolate sauce from scratch.  I have also posted my homemade vanilla ice cream recipe below. 

My problem with this sauce is that I do not completely scrape all of the sauce over the dessert.  I make sure I leave a “little” bit – will grab a spatula, sit down and enjoy a little piece of heaven all by itself.

Homemade Chocolate Sauce

Rich Homemade Chocolate Sauce

2/3 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup unsalted butter
1/2 cup white sugar
2/3 cup brown sugar, packed
2/3 cup cocoa powder (dark or bittersweet will work too)
dash of salt
1 TBS dark rum, more to taste (optional)
In a medium saucepan, heat the heavy cream and butter, stirring occasionally, until the butter melts and the mixture comes just to a boil. Add the sugars and stir them until dissolved.

Sift the cocoa. Whisk it together with the dash of salt and add to the fudge sauce (cream and sugar mixture); bringing back to a boil. Gently simmer the fudge sauce, whisking constantly, until the cocoa powder has dissolved, 1 to 2 minutes longer. Stir in the rum if you are using it.

Chocolate Sauce Recipes #MissHomemade

I used milk chocolate for this creamy and dreamy sauce. You can certainly use dark or semisweet chocolate if you wish.  Please see another one of my chocolate sauces HERE.  This makes a great ice cream sauce.


2 TBS homemade brown sugar, packed
pinch of salt
2 TBS corn syrup
3/4 cup whole milk
4 oz premium milk chocolate, finely chopped
1 TBS homemade unsalted butter, at room temperature
1/2 tsp homemade pure vanilla extract
Stir the sugar, salt and corn syrup together in a medium heavy bottomed saucepan. Pour in the milk and stir to blend. Put the pan over medium heat and bring to a boil; stirring frequently. Turn down the heat to medium-low and cook, still stirring, for 3 minutes.

Remove from the heat, add the chocolate and stir until it is melted and the sauce is smooth. Stir in the butter and vanilla.

Use immediately, or pour the sauce into a clean jar with a tight fitting lid; refrigerate until needed. 

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