Port Wine Jelly Recipe

This port wine jelly recipe mades delicious jelly that I love to use when making appetizers like a salami and cheese plate.  Spread on the cracker and load it up.  Delicious!

If you love port wine like I do, you will love this jelly.

Port Wine Jelly Recipe - this is a lovely addition to have with a salami and cheese plate. Add jalapenos and serve with a holiday meal.  #misshomemade | Thousands of recipes at MissHomemade.com

Easy Port Wine Jelly Recipe

2 cups port wine (your favorite brand) or ice wine
3 cups granulated sugar
3 oz liquid pectin
chopped jalapenos (optional)

In a double boiler heat the port wine and sugar over boiling water stirring constantly; approximately three minutes.  Remove from heat.

Immediately stir in the liquid pectin and pour into a glass container for a one time batch.  If you want to can this (which I highly recommend) have the hot jars ready and pour the mixture into them leaving 1/2 inch headspace.  Wipe the rims and seal.

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