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Best Turkey Melt Recipe

This turkey melt recipe is so versatile.  Pull it out after Thanksgiving or any time to enjoy this cheesy masterpiece.  

Turkey Melt Recipe

two slices French bread
colby or cheddar cheese, shredded

Lightly butter two slices of French bread and place butter-side-down in the skillet.  Top with turkey and cheese.  Cook with lid on until both sides are golden brown.  Plate and spread mayo on if you want and top with spinach leaves.  Enjoy.


Cut turkey slices
red onion
honey mustard

Open Faced Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich #misshomemade

Open Faced Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Open Sandwich.  Butter bread and add turkey slices, dressing, cranberries  and top with another slice of buttered bread.  Slice sandwich diagonally and place on place with a space between the two.  Add mashed potatoes and top everything with turkey gravy.

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