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Best Grilling Recipes

I have more than just my best grilling recipes, check out these links below.

Just a note - for those of you that cannot grill outdoors and use the George Foreman grilling machine, these recipes for grilling work just as well. Get ready for my summer recipes...

You have found the list of my best grilling recipes #MissHomemade

Best Grilling Recipes

Check out my easy steak marinade recipes or chicken marinades to enhance the flavor of the meat, chicken or fish. Also check the marinating times - many are for a few hours; and some are overnight.

Barbecuing and charcoal grilling are techniques often confused. Barbecuing refers to placing meat over coals at a sustained temperature of 200 to 220 degrees. It's a prolonged type of cooking; ribs and large cuts of meat are "barbecued."

Charcoal grilling, on the other hand, is placing meat/fish on a grill directly over HOT coals. Hamburgers, steaks and fish are "grilled." There you have it.

Grilling Tips

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