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Easy Breakfast Recipes

I have so many quick and easy breakfast recipes for you and your family to enjoy.

Breakfast is not just a morning meal, and when you taste this food you’ll be making it for dinner too. Many hearty breakfast ideas that your family will love.  Remember these recipes provide the foundation that you need to make the dish, only you can add more or less of the seasonings, etc. 

Easy Breakfast Recipes - Like Baked Fluffy Scrambled Eggs, Strawberry Bread, Muffins, Pancakes, Sweet Rolls etc. #misshomemade | Thousands of recipes at MissHomemade.com

From omelets to waffles, savory biscuits and gravy, to fluffy pancakes and everything in between. Freshly squeezed orange juice and a pot of steaming coffee completes the most important meal of the day.

Best Coffee Cake Recipe

Bisquick Coffee Cake Recipe

Biscuit Recipes

Homemade Donuts

  • Glazed Donuts
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Filled Donuts
  • Bavarian Cream Filled with Chocolate Glaze or Powdered Sugar
  • Cake Donuts
  • Applesauce Donuts

Homemade Sweet Rolls (Cream Filled Pastry in under 30 Minutes)

  • Boston Cream Filled Donuts
  • Easy Vanilla Custard
  • Bavarian Cream Donuts
  • Homemade Bavarian Cream
  • Chocolate Bismark Donuts
  • Long Johns | Maple Bars with Maple Icing
  • Chocolate Eclair Donuts
  • French Pastry 
  • Chocolate Donut Icing

Caramel Pecan Sweet Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe


Fluffy Baked Scrambled Eggs (like restaurants)

Omelet Recipes

French Toast Recipe

Fruit Spreads

Conserve Recipes

  • Grape Conserves
  • Cherry Conserves
  • Cherry Pineapple Conserves
  • Peach Pineapple Conserves
  • Pear Conserves
  • Plum Conserves
  • Cranberry Conserves
  • Pear Apple Conserves
  • Plum Conserves

Homemade Jam Recipes

  • Peach Jam
  • Peach Butterscotch Jam
  • Apricot Jam
  • Blueberry Jam
  • Blueberry Apple Jam
  • Damson Plum Jam
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
  • Strawberry Pineapple Jam
  • Raspberry Jam
  • Apple Blackberry Jam
  • Blackberry Jam

Homemade Jelly Recipes

  • How to Extract the Juice
  • How to Make a Jelly Bag
  • How to Cook Jelly
  • Testing to Jelly Point
  • Fill and Seal Jelly Glasses
  • Apple Jelly
  • Berry Jelly
  • Grape Jelly
  • Spiced Grape Jelly for Meat 
  • Mint Jelly
  • Plum Jelly
  • Peach Jelly
  • Raspberry Apple Jelly
  • Black Raspberry Jelly

Homemade Marmalade Recipes

  • Orange Marmalade
  • How to do the Sheet Test
  • Peach Orange Marmalade
  • Lime Marmalade
  • Citrus Marmalade
  • Lemon Carrot Marmalade
  • Pumpkin Marmalade (Golden Chip)
  • Pineapple Apricot Marmalade
  • Pineapple Grapefruit Marmalade

Homemade Hash Browns


Blueberry Muffin Recipe
Chocolate Chunk Muffin Recipe
Corn Dog Muffins
Corn Muffin Recipe
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins
Peach Muffin Recipe
Raised Muffins
Raspberry Lemon Muffins
Strawberry Muffins

Best Pancake Recipe

Quick Bread Recipes

Moist Banana Bread Recipe
Cinnamon Bread Recipe
Cranberry Bread
Lemon Bread Recipe
Mango Bread Recipe
Orange Bread Recipe
Peach Bread Recipe
Strawberry Bread Recipe
Pumpkin Bread Recipe
Red Eye Gravy Recipe
Sausage Gravy Recipe

Easy Breakfast Recipes by Fruit

If you have any fresh fruit on hand, but certain to check out the wonderful homemade breakfast food recipes below. 


Apple Fritters, Apple Bars, Apple Crisp (Apple Crumble), Apple-Banana Bread and Butterscotch Apple Pecan Cobbler.


Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


Blueberry Muffins, Blueberry Buckle, Blueberry Pancakes, Blueberry Cobbler, Blueberry Bisquick Muffins, Blueberry-Banana Bread, Blueberry Bread and Blueberry Coffee Cake.


Orange Pumpkin Bread and Orange Marmalade.


Pumpkin Bread


Strawberry Muffins
Strawberry Bread


Be sure to check out the homemade strawberry bread; it’s delicious. 

I offer a quick homemade strawberry glaze recipe that can be drizzled over the top of the strawberry bread after it cools a few minutes.

Or you can make the strawberry butter recipe that can be used with each slice.  I like to do both.  It’s such a treat.