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Best Brandy Old Fashioned Recipe

This is the best brandy old fashioned recipe.

I love them in the winter – it is certainly a drink from Wisconsin. So grab a bottle of good brandy (or whiskey) and let’s get get mixing…

Easy Brandy Old Fashioned Recipe

Brandy Old Fashioned Recipe


cocktail glass (tub)
3 ounces brandy (or whiskey)
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 sugar cube (approximately 1 teaspoon white sugar)
7up (sweet) or Squirt (sour)
orange slices and cherries, for garnish

Place a sugar cube in the bottom of the tub and crush. Add the bitters and 3 ounces of 7up or Squirt. Mix well and fill with ice. Top off with brandy (or whiskey). Stir with straw and garnish with orange slice and a cherry.

You don’t have to use a sugar cube; a teaspoon of sugar will do. I just like this “old fashioned” part of making this drink, and this was how I was taught how to make them. I also love to make them “sour” with Squirt and have olives in them instead of fruit.

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