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How to Build Sneak Hunting Boats

Duck and Goose Hunting Boats

Looking for hunting boats?  Learn how to make your own sneak or jon boat, right here – right now.  

Step by step building instructions and only a few supplies are needed. 

The are a couple different kinds of hunting boats that you can purchase for duck hunting; the sneak or jon boat.

The biggest advantage of a sneak boat is that you can hide without much cover, which gives the sneak boat hunter the ability to hunt anywhere that ducks are.

The down side? The sneak boat cannot handle rough water and the weight capacity is usually for one person, decoys and your dog.

Build a Sneak Hunting Boat

Because the sneak boats are so light you can pull, paddle and push them to get around in shallow water. They can also be used for goose hunting.

There you have it. Do you want to make your own homemade hunting boats and blinds? Let’s get busy.


Your Own Homemade Sneak Boat

Things You’ll Need:
Putty knife
Furniture scraper
Marine plywood (three sheets, 1/4-inch thick)
2 gallons of epoxy resin with 205 hardener
6 oz of 423 graphite (for mixing epoxy)
60 ft. of 40-inch wide fiberglass tape

Step 1
Create the hull. The body of the duck boat is called a hull. There will be two bottom sections and four side sections made up of marine plywood. Use a paintbrush to lay coat of epoxy on the sections. Smooth the coating using a scraper. Then apply the second coat of epoxy. Wait for it to harden.

Step 2
Connect the hull bottom and sides to a block. The block is called a butt block, and will need to be covered in epoxy before connecting the sections. This will placed in the back of the duck boat where all of the sections will meet. Place the block inside the sections.

Step 3
Join all of the sections together. The bottom and sides will be drilled together. Drill at least 6 inches between each hole along the edges of the panel. With wire, stitch the pieces together to make the shape of the duck boat. Put dabs of epoxy on the interior seams using a putty knife. Wait for the epoxy to harden. Wait several hours before the next step.

Step 4
Remove the wire and apply another strip of epoxy along the seams. Flip the boat upside down and place fiberglass tape over the exterior seams. Only lay up to two layers of tape.

Step 5
Attach a 3/4-inch x 11/4-inch marine plywood from each end along the top edges of the hull. Place another strip of epoxy along the edges of the hull. Place another strip of plywood on the outside edge of the duck boat. Then coat it with epoxy along the seam.

Step 6
Develop the keel. The keel is a flap or fin that helps stabilize and direct the duck boat. Cut a 4 foot long marine plywood. Round off and sand the edges. Drill a hole about 2 inches in diameter at the end near the back of the boat. This will be used to tie down the boat.

You can put a rope through it and have it ready to tie onto a stump on a deck. Flip the duck boat over and apply thickened epoxy to both ends of the keel in order to connect it to the bottom of the boat. Wait at least 24 hours before using, in order to allow enough time for the epoxy to get thickened.

Step 7
Add the final touches. Scrub the boat with soap and water. Let it dry before adding a coat of varnish or paint. This will help protect the bottom of the boat. Apply a coat of epoxy and graphite mixed. This will help when having to drag over rough surfaces, such as rocks.
 – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
When do hunters use the sneak/layout hunting boats? If the area where you are hunting is highly competitive, a sneak boat will put you anywhere you want to go. If you hunt in a place that has little or no cover the sneak boat is the way to go.

If money is tight and you cannot afford an aluminum boat/motor and blind and if you cannot afford purchasing a sneak boat, please use the instructions above and make your own!

You can get up and personal hunting in a sneak boat. Ducks and geese have landed so close to the hunting boat that you could touch them if you wanted to.

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