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Wild Game Recipes

Miss Homemade’s wild game recipes create meals that you will make over and over again.  Slow cooking is the key and you will learn how to avoid cooking “tough meat” that no one wants to eat. 

I also have a great tip below for elk/moose/venison meat that removes the wild taste.  Find this and more below.

Large Wild Game Recipes

Wild Game Recipes

Oh, the thrill of the hunt. If you need free hunting recipes, because you (or your significant other) came home with a deerwild turkeygooseduck or pheasant and want to cook it, you’ve found the best game recipe website.

Venison Recipes – Click here

Today, I am going to really make your day. My recipes are so good, even the pickiest of eaters will go back for seconds. Trust me on this. Just point and click on any picture for awesome homemade recipes.


I find many people do not care for the “game-i-ness” of the meat. Consider this. The domesticated animals we eat today used to taste this way.

Elk Recipes

We are now accustomed to the taste of antibiotics and whatever else they put in the animals to make them bigger and better.



Cooking game meat is not rocket science, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Click Here for Moose Recipes

Remove all of the silvering and fat on wild game meat.

The silvering makes the meat tough and the fat is what makes the meat taste “wild.” Wild game fat is bitter and does not taste like beef fat.


Caribou Recipes

Hunting and preparing recipes was a significant part of our meals and life when I grew up.

Wild Boar Pigs

Wild Boar Recipes

My wild boar recipes will be a wonderful addition to your game recipe collection. From wild boar pulled sandwiches to wild boar sausage, I’ve got you covered.

Small Game Recipes


Rabbit meat is very lean and can be tough. It’s important to cook it “low and slow” as it tenderizes the meat.

Rabbit Recipes


Squirrel meat is also very lean and can be tough. It’s important to cook it “low and slow” also to ensure you will have tender meat after cooking.

Squirrel Recipes

Bird Recipes

Upland Bird and Waterfowl Recipes

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey Recipes
Learn how to clean a turkey too.


Pheasant Recipes

Wild Duck

Duck Recipes


Goose Recipes


Dove Recipes


Quail Recipes


Grouse Recipes

Fish Recipes

Game Fish Recipes

Game Fish Recipes

To devour!