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recipes healthy food

Healthy Food You're Buying at the Grocery Store 
  Is it Really Healthy?

recipes healthy food

Do you know what is in the healthy food you eat?  Have you even thought about it? recipes healthy food

A lot of chemicals are added during processing, not including all the stuff done to the food while it's growing. Some of it you can’t even call it food anymore.

Companies are getting people addicted to their food by using these chemicals and making billions of dollars (McDonald's has been accused of this).  Most people today are walking chemical cocktails; that means disease is shadowing you every day.

What do chemicals do?

Chemicals completely change how your body functions.  It can no longer remove toxins, pesticides, preservatives.  It's like a slow poison that fattens you up for the slaughter, just like what is done to the animals we eat.  

When you are dying with disease, the medical industry floods your body with more drugs (prescriptions, aka chemicals) to put a Band-Aid on your failing body - all in the way to make even more money.   The doctors don't know any better, they were not taught anything about food deception.

What's in the food you buy?  Is it really healthy?  We need to talk...

What's wrong with this meal?  Grilled chicken breast, red potatoes and asparagus. It's looks healthy, doesn't it? It can be, but if you don't know what to look for, you are hurting yourself and your family by not knowing.

recipes healthy food

In order to make people step up, you would have to know how to replace these products in the easiest (read “most convenient”) way possible. Most people don't have the time to do extensive research (nor know where to look) or to drive to the other end of town to get the replacement.

What's in the food you buy?  Is it really healthy? There is something you need to know.

This salmon looks healthy enough.  But there are a couple things you need to know about this meal...

You Are What You Eat - what does that mean? 

I am not talking about the person that eats junk food all day long and wonders why they are overweight, feeling sick and tired.

No, I am talking about people who shop specifically for healthy food and sincerely think what they are putting in their grocery cart is the best food available for them and their family.  It's not.

recipes healthy food

What's in Your Food?

I have eaten homemade food all of my life and I want to share with you - why

MissHomemade.com was created in 2009 and I have thousands of people a day visit my website; for a good reason.  They want to learn how to cook everything from scratch.

Learn what is really in the food you buy that you think is healthy.

  • Discover what is hidden and lurking in the food you buy at the supermarket and what you can do to avoid it. 


I've been researching this for years (that's why I eat everything from scratch) and want to share with you the things that are hidden from us each and every day in your typical grocery store aisle.  It has certainly opened my eyes.

This is a FYI that you need to know ASAP.  Don't be duped again. 

Please join me to learn how our food industry plays tricks on us to believing that their products are healthy.  Learn how to create food your body craves.  

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