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I Created an Online Course for

Fibromyalgia Remission Prescription online course - learn how you can put your fibromyalgia pain into remission; for good!  By MissHomemade.com

I have been working my butt off to get this online course ready for you, and to put everything I did to relieve my own pain on paper was more time-consuming than I thought.  But it is so worth it.


My fibromyalgia remedy is called Fibromyalgia Remission Prescription.  Suffering from pain the rest of your life is not an option.  Do you want your life back as it used to be before stricken with fibromyalgia?  This is not something to dream about anymore ladies, it can be achieved and I will teach you how I did it.

It took me over ten years to figure out how to mend my body and be free of fibromyalgia pain and I am now teaching you the methods I used exactly; step-by-step so you can achieve the same results.

My Pain Free Life 

Learn Step-by-Step How I Put my Fibromyalgia in Remission

It is not your fault that you have fibromyalgia - find out why. 

Fibromyalgia Remission Prescription has been created specifically women who suffer from fibromyalgia and are determined to get their life back.

Of course food is part of it, but there is so much more. You will learn why your body is screaming out for help and how you can quiet that voice forever. Began with my own fibromyalgia diagnosis in 2000 and includes specific steps that were taken over a ten year period ending with years of pain free results still to this day.

How would you like to:

  • get your life back
  • lose weight
  • get out with your family (and enjoy it!)
  • go on a real vacation

Determination to change your life can bring the life of your dreams. 

 "Eat more whole grains.  Don’t eat any whole grains.  All fruit is good.  Some fruit is bad.  Tomatoes are healthy.  Tomatoes are harmful.  Sugar is bad.  Sugar has no impact.  Avoid meat.  Eat ..."

Confused?  Don't be.  This is what you are reading on the internet everyday.  Find out exactly what I ate that kicked the pain for good.  Start with the link below.

My Online Course
(check it out now!)

The reason I created MissHomemade.com is my love for real, whole food and not the crap that is sold in the grocery store as "food" in a box. So I created and posted homemade recipes using natural ingredients.  If you can't grow it (spice mixes, condiments, etc), I offer recipes to make it completely from scratch so your entire meal is literally from scratch.  No chemicals, toxins or preservatives.

I discovered food will heal your body.  After incorporating and removing items from my diet over the years I started to feel good.  Real Good. I've tried everything including prescriptions and was not impressed with the outcome.

Please join me and find out how you can change.  Change is good and in this case, your body will thank you.  I promise.