Best Homemade Strawberry Dessert Recipe

This homemade strawberry dessert is layered in a punch bowl.

Angel food cake, homemade whipped cream, strawberry glaze; yum. You may also use cherries or blueberries.

Homemade Strawberry Dessert

Homemade Strawberry Dessert


1 large angel food cake, broken in small pieces
2/3 cup (small can) evaporated milk
1 cup homemade powdered sugar
16 oz whipped cream
1 quart strawberries, sliced
1 cup sour cream
strawberry glaze, recipe below

Mix the sour cream, evaporated milk and powdered sugar together. Add whipped cream. Add broken angel food cake.

Put half of the cake mixture in a punch bowl. Put half of the strawberries and glaze on top. Repeat with remaining cake mixture, then strawberries, and glaze. Chill overnight.


1/2-3/4 cup strawberries, crushed
1 cup homemade powdered sugar
2 tablespoons homemade unsalted butter, melted
1/2 teaspoon homemade pure vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy.

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