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Introducing Fresh Scents


Fresh Scents is to smells - like my homemade food is to taste buds.  When I smell something fresh like citrus, orange and lemon, it really is exhilarating and puts me in a great mood; ready to tackle the day.  Who doesn't want that?  When I spray my counter tops with this lovely scent it really makes a difference and tackles grime from the days meals. 

Are you sick and tired of smelling your kids (or big kids) dirty socks and shoes, your pets, cigarette smoke or something else that bothers you?  You will never smell that again - life changing actually.

I found a company (Scentsy) that I am in love with.  They offer beautiful scents in cleaning supplies, laundry, warmers, oils and more.  This is a treasure to me because it has changed my whole outlook on fresh scents - it's just like bringing the outside smells in. The laundry and counter cleaner products are my favorite right now. 

I remember hanging clothes and sheets out on the line years ago and literally could not wait to sleep in the sheets that night.  I vividly remember going out and checking on the towels lightly blowing in the wind knowing when I got out of the shower later that day the towels would smell so good.    

What about the smell of clothes when they come off the line? Do you know you can have that wonderful fragrance today without hanging anything out?  As I said above I LOVE to sleep on sheets that have been hung out, and really was missing this luxury. 

For those of you that still hang out your wash, I envy you.  I really do.  Currently I cannot hang out my laundry, but I have found something that smells so good I think I have. For those if you, like me, you can get the same effect in your laundry anytime.  And I sleep so good at night...

Do you enjoy the freshness of lemons and citrus fruit?  I love citrus in my kitchen - it makes everything smell so fresh and clean. 

It reminds me of making lemonade from scratch and sipping it outdoors on a hot day with a slice of fresh lemon floating on top.  

Cleaning your counter tops to remove grime, garlic and onion odors is easy. Spray your counter tops and everyone will ask what you used to clean your kitchen.  Trust me.

I also dig Luna scent too.  

What about lavender?  When I smell lavender it seems to immediately calm me down.  This smells absolutely fantastic - just close your eyes and let your body relax.  You work hard and you deserve this.  So calming and you can enjoy this relaxing scent in any room you like.  Sounds good?  

I love the smell of coconut because it reminds me of summer and being out on a beach by the water just enjoying life. I remember the smell of Coppertone in the 1970's and will never forget it.  Still love it today...

Coconut is so tropical.  I'm thinking pina coladas and coconut cake; what are you thinking?  I reminisce about being on the beach in Mexico, Bahamas, Hawaii and Florida.  Can hear the ocean lapping on the beach?  This is what I love about this scent.     

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