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eCookbook from Miss Homemade!

This cookbook will certainly bring back memories.  Do you remember as a child the smell in the air when you went to your grandma's for dinner?  What about the holiday season?  Boy, I sure do and that's what I created with these recipes.

This isn't fancy, over-the-top cooking, with unusual ingredients.  It's learning how to cook meals using natural whole ingredients which is better for you and your family.

Ultimate eBook of Scratch Recipes at MissHomemade.com #misshomemade

Do you feel guilty when you don't have time to make a homemade meal for your family?  As we all know, life doesn't stop and to make something from scratch does take time - but I've got you covered.

No Time to Cook or Don't Know What to Cook?

Do you grab frozen food, fast food, boxed or canned food to feed your family because you are too exhausted when you get home from work to make a home-cooked meal?  Deep down do you feel guilty about it?

You have read what is in the food you eat; you’ve seen it on TV.  When you go to the grocery store, do you notice that food that is not the healthiest is the most convenient and often times the cheapest to buy? But you buy it anyway?  Do you desperately want to change and don’t know where to start?    Guilt can be so deep-rooted that you can make yourself sick so please let me help you.

I know what you are thinking.  You have a life, and on the weekends you want to spend time with your family and relax, not cook.  In today’s world, that excuse may not be good enough.

Fresh ingredients made the BEST tomato sauce #misshomemade

Huge strides are being made in technology all the time.   What about agriculture and how our food is grown?  If you knew what was actually in the food you are serving you would immediately cook from scratch.

Instead of fighting against using carcinogenic chemicals on our food and finding a way to provide clean food, companies (including the government) are bullying their way to grow more by using Roundup, GMO (genetically modified organisms) and more.  I’m afraid to say it, but it’s all about money.

Are you wondering how you can avoid GMOs?  Buy organic when you can, especially anything with corn or soy (organic foods are not allowed to contain GMOs).

Wal-Mart is making it easier (and cheaper) to buy organic and if it is beyond your reach, I will give you the magic potion you can wash your product in that will dissolve that crap it is covered with.  

Having real whole foods and feeding your kids real food is invaluable and more important than anything else you purchase.  What I just said sounds so ridiculous; “Feed your family real food.”  But it is true in today’s world.  This new way of eating is going to save your life.  It will not happen overnight and we will take it one step at a time.

The #1 producer of GMOs is a corporation called Monsanto and it makes RoundUp; a weed killer and known carcinogenic.   The CEO and upper staff refuse to eat the food sprayed by their own products. They eat only organic, non-GMO foods, and that should tell you something (a huge red flag is waving profusely here). 

Food is so important and perhaps the most important thing you purchase for yourself and your family.

America has forgotten that for a while, but we are slowly coming back to that realization. Organic food is so much more important than having the newest Mercedes, iPhone or taking a vacation, etc.    Food can equal health, or food can equal sickness, depending on your choices.  I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  You are smart, and it is totally up to you.

My question to you, “Are you worth it?  Is your family worth it?”  Of course!


Love Desserts? Discover Moist Cakes and Old Fashioned Pies Made from Scratch

Made from Scratch Cookbook 

Looking for something sweet?  Here's a taste of dessert recipes that are wildly popular:

French Vanilla CakeBoasts pure vanilla flavor.

Moist Banana Cake - "It's the best cake I've ever made" 

No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe - Like heaven on a fork (above)

Fresh Coconut Cake - a dreamy coconut dessert

Lemon Cake Recipe - tangy, lemony moist cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Pinned by thousands!

...and many more cakes to try.

Authentic Italian Food

Have you ever had garden-fresh tomatoes and wished you could make sauce?  You can!

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce - completely from scratch

Italian Meatballs - Just wait until you smell these cooking! So moist and tender.

Authentic Bolognese Sauce - My hearty Sunday sauce

How to make Boxed Pasta Taste like Homemade (yep)

and more....

If You Have Never Tasted Sopapilla Cheesecake, This Recipe Alone is Worth the Price

(some readers were hiding this cheesecake from their kids!)

Among Mexican recipes, you will find:

Mexican Sopapilla Cheesecake (addicting, a must try)

Delicious Green Chicken Enchiladas with Homemade Green Chile Sauce (new)

Authentic Mexican Rice and Spanish Rice

Homemade Flour or Corn Tortillas and more...

My Side Dishes are Old Fashioned Favorites 

These vegetable sides, green and dessert salad recipes are a great addition to any meal...

*Scalloped Potatoes creamy, rich and delicious

*AuGratin Potatoes a cheesy potato dish from heaven

*Cowboy Potato Casserole a much better version of the hash brown casserole

You will not have to purchase some of the expensive baking ingredients again - you will be making these items from scratch.  

Just think of the health benefits. You can eat sweets - just make it from scratch.


Don't go to the store, just go to MissHomemade.com!

Evaporated milk substitution, sweetened condensed milk substitution, cake flour, self-rising flour, brown sugar substitution; spice mixes, and ways to substitute cooking/baking ingredients if you are out. 

If you need a cup of heavy cream and don’t have any, I will tell you what to use. 


Grab Your Apron and Turn On The Stove 

Start your own family tradition today using my keepsakes. I have spent over 40 years creating and collecting these easy recipes. My family heirloom collection boasts childhood favorites of long ago and brings these forgotten treasures to your tabletop. 

Go on a treasure hunt right now. Old fashioned favorites.

I have many easy dinner recipes and meal ideas - simple recipes you can make in a few minutes.

No kitchen is complete without my casserole recipes. Serve a creamy, cheesy casserole with a crusty loaf of homemade bread.  Comfort food at it's finest.

If you are in need of recipes for ground beef and would love an easy dinner idea for tonight, please feel free to open my hamburger recipes and you will definitely find something your family will love.

My old fashioned desserts are wildly popular and I even included a blue ribbon recipe for the best homemade pumpkin pie completely from scratch.

Easy recipes that deliver outstanding results.  Start cooking right now!

Miss Homemade's Ultimate Book of Scratch Recipes:

  • 265 Homemade Recipes from Scratch
  • Including Juicy Photos

Table of Contents

BONUS eCookbook:
My Transition Recipes - The food I ate that kicked my cravings for good #misshomemade

Included with the download are my Fat Burning Transition Recipes.

Ultimate Book of Scratch Recipes Cookbook                            $7.97

Transition Recipe Booklet ($4.97 value) included in download   BOTH: $4.97

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