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Coaching and Fibro Recipes

I put my Fibromyalgia Pain in Remission 
Find Out How You Can Do the Same.

Coaching and fibro recipes are now available to you.

Coaching and Fibromyalgia Recipes

Looking up at the ceiling, I let out a sigh.  The pain pills I just took will kick in within the hour, and it can’t come soon enough.  I feel like I have the flu, but I know I don’t.  You know what the flu feels like.  Your body aches, your head aches, and you have a sore throat and fever. 

It doesn’t help that I can’t sleep at night.  I am so restless and my body hurts in every position I try to sleep in.  Every morning when I wake up (if I sleep it is only a couple hours at a time) I feel like I ran the Boston Marathon and am so sore, yet I haven’t left my bedroom.

Oh I almost forgot - I need to write down when I took the pain pills, so I can take them again in four hours.  I have what is called Fibro Fog where I get very forgetful and confused. I can’t concentrate; I stutter at times and mix up words as I speak.  It is very frustrating, as people look at you like you have lost your mind. 

Do you experience the symptoms I am describing or know someone that does?  Fibromyalgia (aka “Fibro”), is an autoimmune disease - this is when your body creates an immune deficiency and cannot fight foreign invaders.  So it begins to go into overdrive and create antibodies that instead of fighting infection, attacks the body’s own tissue.  Messed up, isn’t it? coaching and fibro recipes



Here are some other Autoimmune Diseases:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Lupus
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Guillain–Barre Syndrome
  • Psoriasis
  • Graves’ Disease
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Vasculitis



When I was diagnosed, you did not hear about fibromyalgia and it wasn't as mainstream as it is today.  I saw the hashtag #fibrosucks and it certainly hit home - I think the exact same thing. 

But do you know what?  I think that this disease was brought into existence for a reason.  I believe it is here because people have succumbed to fast food and convenience.   Of course I mean the fast food restaurants but also the frozen food, boxed food and canned food. 

Everyone is in a hurry today to eat and if we just got back to eating like everyone did 50 years ago, I do not think the diseases would be at epidemic numbers as it is today.   coaching and fibro recipes


I have a strong belief that with any of these autoimmune diseases, what you eat and drink will have an effect on pain.

I want to take care of my body as it has been with me for decades and never asked me to do anything; it just works miracles all by itself.  The least I could do is feed it well to perform at its best.   

The pain and lack of sleep associated with fibromyalgia can interfere with your ability to function at home or on the job. The frustration of dealing with an often misunderstood condition also can result in depression and health-related anxiety.  I call it the invisible disease. coaching and fibro recipes

Fact:  50 million Americans; 75% women, are infected by Autoimmune Disorders (that’s a lot of pain).


You can get depressed when you think about your situation and all the pain you are suffering from.  There were always things happening that I would have loved to go to, but I didn’t want to leave the couch, much less the house. 

There is so much more to Fibro and I will explain everything later.   But there is a silver lining to the suffering and it has taken me 14 years to figure it out.  I did not watch what I ate and the first ten years was hell.  I am not kidding, I suffered immensely and was always told there is nothing they can do and there is not a cure for fibromyalgia.  So I began my quest to find some relief on my own.

Today, I am happy to say that my pain is gone.  It has not completely disappeared (due to weather), but I know what not to do to aggravate the intensity of the pain most of the time.  Sometimes you will have a flare-up that is beyond your control, but this is nothing compared to my life before. 

My journey was a trial-and-error production because I was determined I was not going to live like this for the rest of my life.   I am also  bull-headed and today I am thankful that I am that way. 

Do you suffer from pain and have stopped living your life because you don’t want to go anywhere?  Do your children beg you to go outside with them to play and you tell them that you can’t because you don’t feel good?  Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?   I really can help you.

This is not something that will work overnight, but I do have fibromyalgia remedies that have worked for me.  You will be able to talk to others that have the same problems and learn what they do; all in the privacy of our Facebook Group. 

If your spouse, relative or friend is suffering, you can help them.  Tell them about this club and what it can do for them.  You have the power to give them something to get their life back. 

What a great feeling that would be not only for yourself, but for them.  I am determined to help everyone that is suffering to live again; one person at a time.  This is my life purpose.  I believe that will all my heart. coaching and fibro recipes

I am so happy to offer you my new Coaching and Fibro Recipes. 

Here is what is provided in the package:

  • One on One 60 Minute Coaching Call  I want to meet you and kick this off with a positive reinforcement that this will happen; I give you the tools and you put them to work. Offer suggestions according to your situation that will help tremendously. 

    This is not a "fluffy" gimmick, there is work to be done, but if you have the determination that you want to reclaim your life and start living again, you will - it's up to you. 

  • 30 Days of Healing Recipes This is what kicked my body into "kick butt" mode and after eating properly, I began to feel what I used to before this horrible crap began.  You are strong.  You are worth it.  Ingredients are found in a grocery store - it's that easy.

  • Morning Message  I will be there every day with you in an audible message that worked for me and will really help you in your 30 day journey.  I will go through the recipe and steps with you also.  

  • Private Facebook Group  This is a great way for all of us to communicate and people love it.  coaching and fibro recipes


Do you suffer from pain and have stopped living your life because you don't want to go anywhere?

Do your children beg you to go outside with them or attend their basketball or soccer game and you tell them that you can't because you don't feel good?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Imagine yourself healthy, full of energy and ready to face the day.  I have been off pain pills for a long time, but I have been there and I know how you feel.

You see I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2000 after a car accident in 1999.  I also suffered from severe whiplash and felt pain like I never felt before. 

I spent over 10 years of my life on narcotics for pain, in bed all day sometimes, eating junk because I felt sorry for myself because there was no "cure" and gaining a lot of weight.  I drank, I smoked cigarettes and was literally pathetic.  I've been there folks and it is not a pretty picture.

Coaching and Fibro Recipes will have you walking the beach in no time.  I kicked the pain in the butt and now it's your turn!

I am living proof that my remedies worked for me and have for years.

I am doing everything that I used to do and living the life I dreamed of when I was diagnosed.  This is what I do now...

  • Lost Weight
  • Positive Thinking
  • Walking/Hiking
  • Healthy Eating
  • Have Energy Like I Used To
  • Do Family Activities
  • Camping/Fishing
  • Shopping (yes!)
  • and more...

coaching and fibro recipes

Start living again in 2017 and give yourself the gift today - You can drop weight, meet your spouse, buy new clothes, go walking and shop till you drop!

If you are not satisfied, I will give you another 30 minutes of coaching until we get it right, because this works.  It worked for me and still does. 

I wish I had this available to me - someone that actually knows exactly what I was going through and has had fibromyalgia in remission for years.  My doctor was shocked!

I have operated MissHomemade.com for 8 years and I am not going anywhere.

Please, let me help you. 

Send me a message below.

Thank You.