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Best Diet for Fibromyalgia

The best diet for fibromyalgia is here.  I may not have the fibromyalgia cure, but several years ago I put mine in remission and it's never came back.

My fibromyalgia medication is available to all and you don't get it at the pharmacy, you go to the grocery store!

Stay with me, as I break down foods and what works and what to stay away from if you have fibromyalgia.

What is the Best Diet for Fibromyalgia?  Find out more at MissHomemade.com

Berries are a wonderful addition to your diet and full of antioxidants.  Before eating, do you know how to clean fruit  before consuming?

Of course buying organic is ideal, but what happens if you don't have access to it?  How do you clean fruit?

I use white vinegar and water (the ratio is 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar) and fill a large dish pan (then you don't have to wash and sterilize the sink every time).  Place the fruit in a colander and lower into the vinegar and water mixture or just put it in the water.  Let it sit at least 10 minutes and hold a few under water and gently brush the skin while rinsing.  Lay to dry on paper towels.

Fresh Blueberries


Fresh blueberries have a chalky white bloom on the skin that shows freshness. 

Keep blueberries in a covered container in the refrigerator and only clean the amount you are going to use. They will keep for up to 7 days.

What is the best diet for fibromyalgia?

What fruit should I eat with fibromyalgia?

When I quit sugar (cold turkey), I did not eat anything sweet for two weeks to get that sweet taste out of my system.  No fruit, nothing.

If you want to go longer, that's great.  When you consume fresh fruit again, it will taste so sweet because of your lack of sweet anything for a few weeks.

How to Pain-Check Your Body with Food

Pay attention to your body - are you sore after you eat fruit?  Write it down. Eat one fruit only (strawberries) and then wait a few hours before eating another variety (banana) to pinpoint what gives you pain and what doesn't.  Hey, you went without anything sweet for a while, this is so worth the effort.

Fruit Not to Eat with Fibromyalgia

Fresh fruit is great but there are a couple ways that fruit is available to buy that isn't so great. 

Fruit Juice - do not buy "fruit juice" at the store.  Did you know that some fruit juice at the supermarket may only have 5% of juice in it? 


One cup of fruit juice can have up to 9 or 10 teaspoons of sugar in it.  It's like drinking a can of non-diet Mountain Dew or Coke. 

Dried Fruit - do not buy dried fruit at the grocery store.  Did you know that it also contains vegetable oil (prevent sticking together) and preservatives (sulfates) to keep it fresh? 


One-half cup of fresh cranberries has 2 grams of sugar.  One cup of dried cranberries has 37 grams or 9 teaspoons of sugar.  Another can of Coke and people think this stuff is healthy.  Dry your own fruit - just don't eat it all the time.

This is only the beginning.

Of course eating healthy is so important, but there is so much more to getting your body back to what it used to.  Remember the energy you had?  Let's get started by going to my fibromyalgia remedies below...

Fibromyalgia Remedies

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