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Back to the Basics

Getting “Back To The Basics” to me has different meanings.

It’s hunting and fishing. It’s “old fashioned” and “down to earth,” “recipes made from scratch” – actually living off the land and from the garden.

Getting "Back To The Basics" to me has different meanings.

It's hunting and fishing. It's "old fashioned" and "down to earth," "recipes made from scratch" - actually living off the land and from the garden.

I am dedicated to bring you simple and effective information that we practice everyday that saves us money and live “the good life.”

We bring you the best of TWO THINGS. Let me explain.

The first is how to harvest your own meat – how to hunt and secret tips and everything you need to know about it so YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL. Then we explain how to catch fish, identifying them with pictures, what to use for bait and much more.


Remember the Gremlin car? I had to laugh when I saw this picture and thought you’d enjoy reminiscing like I did.

Try to make more homemade meals using fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s so much better for you and your family, and you will save money. Not to mention, eating clean food not made with chemicals and preservatives.

So, there it is, in black and white – what this website is all about. Now let’s get going to the good stuff…