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Homemade French Vanilla Cake

Welcome homemakers, clean food recipe collectors and country cooking recipe enthusiasts.

I am sharing with you my passion and the 3 plus decades of scratch recipes I've created and collected- including juicy photos.

My easy recipes are completely made from scratch - even the ingredients are homemade. No preservatives, chemicals or additivesClean food recipes.

French Vanilla Cake Recipe

Incorporate these food recipes into your life and pass down a family tradition that won't cost a dime, but is priceless.

You will find baking basics, hearty farm recipes, meal ideas, vintage recipes and heirloom recipes.  

Learn old-fashioned country cooking basics that your own grandparents used. Home cooking is easy and fun too. You may even find a lost homemade recipe along the way....

...come discover what real food should taste like.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I want to help you and offer ideas that will make the switch to cooking homemade food easier.

It is wonderful showing your family how much you love them by preparing home-cooked meals; so many don't.

I will deliver home grown and hand made food options that are not only delicious, but easy to prepare.

The children from families that lived on frozen and fast food are now teaching this to their children and the cycle is never broken.

Start today to build a great family tradition that not only tastes better, but is so much healthier. 

Homemade Strawberry Jam

The simple gift to teach family members scratch cooking will now be taught to your children's children, and then on to their great-great grandchildren, and future generations from now.

Here's to great food and a great life... 

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